What is dissertation

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What is dissertation is the first serious student work, introducing the students to the skills of processing, arranging and analyzing the selected material. This type of educational scientific and methodological work assumes the independent activity of the student over a certain problem of the scientific field.

An undisclosed topic.

Lack of a clear understanding of goals and objectives leads to the impossibility of properly arranging and submitting materials for verification. To disclose the topic, it is necessary to work closely with the teacher, seeking clarification of its essence and the correct approach to disclosure. Timely work started will help to clarify the details, and do not waste time wasted.

Lack of a meaningful approach to material development.

If it was possible to select the necessary material, it is necessary to take care of the correctness of its elaboration: isolating the main information, investigating, analyzing, drawing conclusions, in which an innovative approach will be evident, as well as an answer to the questions and problems.

Lack of presentation logic.

Inability to correctly, correctly and logically state the material leads to the complete failure of even the most ingenious research project. In order not to lose the logic of presentation, it is not just to stick to the plan, but to follow the thread of reasoning leading to the correct conclusions.


The basic and constant error, indicating the inability to work with existing materials. Such a defect is an indicator of an incorrect approach to planning or the performance of labor in the shortest possible time. The use of borrowing is necessary with the mind, if possible, rework ideas, statements and quotes found in other sources

The drawbacks when drawing links.

Links – this is the element of the course project, which pay close attention to curators and inspectors. It is better to get acquainted with the order of registration of this element of the educational project in advance at the curator or in the methodical literature. You can not use links whose content is unknown. The haphazardly inserted link can become the basis for additional questions and a decrease in evaluation.


Competent work is the face of a student. Checking the grammatical, lexical, syntactic, logical and other errors of presentation should be given serious attention and a lot of time, which can not be in the conditions of short terms of writing the material.