Difference between dissertation and thesis

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Students have to perform many tasks. And one of them is the preparation of abstracts. They are written for practical studies, tests, tests, exams. Often the score for the essay affects the assessment for the exam. The abstract does not require new developments or statements of its point of view. Truth is not forbidden. The main goal of the essay is to convey to the audience the main aspects of the topic and to generate interest in the discussion.

Stages of work on the abstract difference between dissertation and thesis:

• Formulation of the topic. The topic should be not only relevant in its meaning, but original, interesting in content.

• Selection and study of the main sources on the topic.

• Compiling a bibliography.

• Processing and systematization of information.

• Development of the abstract plan.

• Writing an essay.

• Public presentation of the results of the study.

To write an abstract, it is enough to pick up two or three not-so-famous books on the topic and write a paper. Nobody will carp at your essay and check the accuracy of the quotes. Abstracts should not be too abstruse, because if you write your essay with some very clever scientific book, no one will believe that this text was written by you.

The number of pages in the abstract ranges from five to twenty-five typewritten pages. It is necessary to remember that the abstract is the least serious work, therefore, if the teacher requires large volumes, this is very suspicious.

Requirements for the abstract in different educational institutions are different. But basically all of them boil down to the following points:

• The work is made on white paper (A-4 format) on one side of the sheet.

• The title page indicates the author’s data, the name of the school, the topic of the essay.

• Be sure to include references to the literature in the abstract.

• The sequence of the bibliography should be observed.

• Applications: drawings, drawings, graphics are made with black paste. They are not included in the total amount of work.

Practically in all universities, student works are tested for plagiarism in a special program. Admit the content of plagiarism in your essay check with the teacher. Abstracts with low uniqueness receive low ratings. And sometimes they are not even accepted at all. Therefore, before submitting an abstract, check it yourself in the anti-plagiarism system. How to increase the uniqueness of the work?

• Use the most recent sources of information;

• Express the thoughts expressed in the textbooks in your own words;

• Do not use free abstracts from reference banks;

• Rewrite the text: change the form of the word, make the substitutions synonyms.