How to start an essay

Writing a thesis project is an obligatory part of the student’s education in the last year of the university. The writing of the diploma demonstrates the level of knowledge and skills of the author of the work. In the process of work on the thesis work, it is necessary to take into account the requirements for the design of work, subjects, the correct choice and analysis of sources.

Exact sciences – disciplines that have a technical orientation, this is the reason for the specificity of their writing. Such works contain calculations, graphs, and charts. Proceeding from the peculiarities of the sciences, it can be concluded that the process of writing a thesis on the topic differs significantly from the analogous process in the humanities. The essence of the difference lies in the formulation of the tasks and the purpose of the research. The research in the exact sciences is conducted with the aim of creating new material, and in the humanities, in order to process the already existing data. The most common topic in the exact disciplines is the calculations for creating the aggregate, experiments in physics, which are based on the theory set out in a separate section.